Maybe im just a thinker.
Maybe just a dreamer,
and the dreamers, and thinkers
know that, that world of waste,
that waste of world, that over
that top, that middle, that under,
that is an structure, a pre-created way
to evolve that doesn’t match with the freedom,
there is no stop.

Maybe i’m not good writing in English
mayne i’m not good writing without
looking at the keyword,
maybe i’m not so good writing, and thinking
in English and Spanish, and about what i’m
going to write, at the same time,
but i’m just practicing, and eventually
i will be able to do so very great.

And then with another language,
and then start making better posters,
and so on, and so on.

Practice and keep going.

And remember, that the poor people,
are more than the rich people in the world.
And i’m not talking about money.