We are living in a very important moment of our history
as humanity. In this era, our society has advanced
enormously in areas like science and technology,
literature and communication. Nowadays, it is easier
for us to have cameras with us and to speak with
other people in real time of every place of the world
than it was fifty years ago.
We have internet, and with it, the opportunity to build
our digital identity to express our ideas,
to show our work to others,
to edit our legacy to the posterity.

Despite we are in a good time in the new millenium,
we still carry on a lot of mistakes and fault
that we must correct if we want to live better
and find peace in our daily behaviour.

We are the main actors of our own lives,
but also we are important to the big story
that is the world. Problems like armed violence,
domestic violence, poverty, famine and mental illness
have to be spoken and discussed by everyone
in order to find a solution.

My dream is that my legacy helps to improve the world.
By sending my vision of my reality through photos
and essays, I’m looking fordward to transform
other people’s minds in a positive way.